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A Message from Tommy Watson.

I have been involved with high security locks and Safes for over 50 years, 14 of which were spent on The bench in the factory, 10 years with Chubb, 7 years with Tann and 20 years freelance.

My work took me to the Far East, the Middle East and Europe were I was responsible for the Installation of Treasury doors and service work.

For the last 20 years my freelance work was spent Exclusively working for the banking establishments As a bankers engineer and security consultant.

On my retirement I started work on the large collection Of safe locks that had accumulated. These I prepared Especially for display purposes, so that other collectors Might examine the mechanisms and hopefully enjoy them. It is for this reason that I have prepared these videotapes.

If you decide to purchase the Lock Collection tapes or Any of the supplementary volumes I feel sure that you Will not be disappointed. Yours. Tommy Watson.

e-mail enquiries to : syd@lockcollectors.com